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Awards & Scholarships in Studio Art & Art History

9:55pm, Friday, November 28th, eve of the wedding. The door opened, but no one was there.
Mandy Nartiff
Spring 2004
Senior Project

The Department of Art and Art History awards Departmental Honors at graduation to a few select senior art and art history majors. These students must first meet one of the college-wide standards for honors (see the College Catalogue), and after art faculty recommendation, the student may receive the departmental honors designation. You are not automatically eligible for honors. The Department of Art and Art History requires exceptional and exemplary work in the art or art history area for such an award to be given.

  • Each year there is an Arkell Hall Award in Art and Art History given to rising seniors deemed to be the most outstanding and exemplary students in the art and art history programs and whose work has been consistently exceptional in creative expression and/or intellectual depth.
  • The Saxton Award in Art and Art History is given to rising Juniors or Seniors exemplifying outstanding contributions to the Department of Art and Art History. During the year following the award, the student completes a special assignment within the department for which she or he receives a financial award.
  • All students can enter the Annual Juried Student Exhibition for which there are 8-10 awards each year.
  • Each year Hartwick College awards outstanding students with the John Christopher Hartwick Scholarship award. Usually the Department of Art and Art History nominates two outstanding junior majors for this award; students who qualify for this nomination must show evidence of creativity, intellectual rigor, leadership skills, and involvement in a rich variety of activities both in and outside of the department. Only six students campus-wide win this award, but being nominated alone is considered a high academic honor. Students who are nominated for the John Christopher Hartwick Scholarship are honored with the designation "Faculty Scholar."
  • The Foreman Art Scholarships are awarded to superior incoming art students who have demonstrated need by the FAFSA in the hopes to make the Hartwick Art program a possibility for them.
  • Art & Art History Endowed Fund for Excellence is offered twice a year: once in the fall and again in the spring. It is intended to promote excellence in the Department of Art & Art History as well as provide full time students with access to funds needed to help them excel in their chosen area with a specific project.