Sophomore Review for Art Majors

Strawberries in Window
Amy Judd
Color Photograph
Hartwick College Student Collection

During the fall semester of the second year, declared art majors participate in the sophomore review, which assists them to assess their individual progress and goals within the major. The assessments made at the Junior Review and exhibition determine whether a student is prepared to begin a Senior Project in Art, or if additional courses or extracurricular projects are required to help the student reach a certain level of competence. The spring term event comes somewhat late in the major's career; consequently, an earlier evaluation, the Sophomore Review, is intended to help students prepare for the Junior Review. The Sophomore Art Major Review is conducted in the form of an exhibition held in the Hallway Gallery (on the second floor of Anderson) with a review by 3-4 full-time studio faculty during the fall semester. Other student and faculty guests are invited to attend the critique. One art history professor reviews the short written artist statements. Only declared art majors may participate in the exhibition and review. In order to prepare for the review you should do the following:

  1. Make sure you have officially declared the art major at the registrar's office and that you have been assigned an academic advisor in the department.
  2. Collect the best work which you have produced since arriving at Hartwick. You may have to go home to get some of the work, or borrow some that you have given as gifts.
  3. Use your own judgment to select 4-6 of your strongest images and objects for presentation in the showcases, on the wall, in the air or on pedestals. (All pedestals must be placed on one side or the other of the hallway so that they do not obstruct traffic. Pedestals may be borrowed from Terry Slade, Curator for Fine Arts Exhibitions, Foreman Gallery.)
  4. At least one image must be a drawing.
  5. A one-paragraph artist's statement typed by the student on a computer must be displayed on the wall near the work. For help in writing the artist's statement, check the guidelines provided in this handbook. Labels with name, title, medium and date must accompany each image or object. The labels may be typed or printed by hand by the student. Do not attempt to involve the art secretary or staff.
  6. You should arrive on time on the date decided and should be prepared to discuss and defend specific objects and images, your general artistic direction in relation to historical and contemporary art trends, your influences, selection of materials, craft, presentation etc. Also be prepared to question and discuss other students' work. You will be evaluated on your participation.
  7. Sophomore art majors should meet prior to the date of the review to decide how the space will be divided so that all work is shown to best advantage in this group exhibition. Feel free to invite one member of the department to this meeting as an advisor.

    If you want to advertise the exhibition, take advantage of Hilltops, WRHO and bulletin boards around the campus as well as e-mail to art students through "Artistocracy".

Following the review, the full-time faculty involved will meet, and then you will receive a short written assessment with recommendations from the department chair. Feel free to discuss these comments with your academic advisor as you plan future courses, concentrations and projects. You will want to develop your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Reminder: By the end of the sophomore year, you should have completed: