English Internships

Internships are an invaluable way of discovering whether a given career is right for you. They allow you to acquire hands-on, documented work experience--an asset when you write your resume--while you make contacts and even get course credit. If you wish to get English credit, however, the internships must bear some relation to writing, researching, public speaking, or literary study. Students have received English credit for internships at a wide range of diverse situations, from television and radio stations to playwright development associations to law offices.

If you would like to intern during fall or spring term, there are many opportunities available locally: on campus, for instance, you might intern with the Office of Alumni Relations, or College Advancement, Sports Information, or with Computer Services as a technical writer. In Otsego County, internships have been available recently at local law firms, elementary schools, The Daily Star, and the Oneonta Bureau of the (Binghamton) Press and Sun Bulletin, WZOZ radio, and the Smithy-Pioneer Gallery in Cooperstown.

For ideas about internships outside of Oneonta, go to the Internship Exchange database , a nationwide list of internships made available to member colleges, including Hartwick. The Office of Career Services also makes available to students a number of internship databases, including Internships-USA, and Liberal Arts Career Network, and others.