Internship Policy

The Aim of Internships
The aim is to bridge the gap between the academic world and the world of work by demonstrating that the writing, reading, research and analytical skills developed in typical English and Theatre Arts classes are valuable in the market place. Valuable also is the knowledge of human nature and of Western culture fostered by the study of literature. Placements should provide students with the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge.

Criteria for Selecting Candidates
The Committee on Individual and Directed Studies and Internships reviews the student's college record. It gives preference to department majors and minors but does not exclude others. The minimal criteria for an internship in English are the following:

Sophomore standing.

Meeting course requirements:

  • For English Internships, the student needs to have completed at least 2 courses in English beyond 110, with grades of B- or better. Level IV competency in writing.
  • For Theatre Arts Internships, the student needs to have completed Theatre Arts 120 and 220. The student should submit a transcript with these courses indicated.

Two letters of recommendation, at least one to be from a member of the Department other than the project advisor .

A completed Internship Learning Agreement.

An unofficial transcript or degree audit.

Method of Evaluation
Internship advisors will exercise their judgment about how to weight each of the following requirements, but as a rule of thumb the first should count 75% and the second, 25%.

  • The work experience, evaluated in writing by the job supervisor.
  • The report, evaluated by the internship advisor. The report of at least ten pages will describe the work done, including samples, and will contain a section on the relationship between the work and the study of English or Theatre Arts. The internship advisor will provide special help, if needed, with the latter section of the report.

Responsibilities of the Internship Advisor
The advisor will meet with the student in personal conference at least four times during the term. If the internship is out of town, conferences may be held by phone, mail, or email. The advisor will contact the supervisor at least twice.
The advisor will normally supervise no more than one intern during a term.

How to Apply
Begin your planning at least a semester in advance, if possible, by picking up the Student Internship Handbook from the Office of Career Services. It will take you step-by-step through the process. Please note the Department of English & Theatre Arts does indeed have an early deadline for the Learning Agreement, as well as its own requirements (see above), for anyone wishing to receive English credit. Departmental policy is to have the Committe on Individual and Directed Study and Internships, chaired by Professor Kenneth Golden, review all the material, and then forward the approved Learning Agreements to the Office of Career Services by the official deadline.

Application Deadline
The required materials must be submitted to to the Department's committee two weeks prior to the deadline set by the Office of Career Services. These materials include the Learning Agreement, transcript or degree audit, and two letters of recommendation from members of the Department.