Writing Alumni

The Department wants to know EVERYTHING about our graduates in literature and in creative writing, so we would like any updates on your professional and personal lives that you care to send.   We're launching this page with a brief survey of recent graduates who have entered or completed Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees in creative writing. We are always proud to note the accomplishments of our graduates, so if you would like your news included here, this page will grow accordingly. Please e-mail your info to Prof. Robert Bensen at bensenr@hartwick.edu.  

Nikoletta Nousiopoulos ('08) has released her first book, all the dead goats from Little Red Tree Publishing (2010). She holds a MFA in Poetry from New England College. Her poems have appeared in elimae, South Jersey Underground, 2River, Tygerburning, The Henniker Review, and Harpur Palate. She was a 2010 finalist for the Philbrick Poetry Award, and was a winner of the 2009 Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize. She has kept a busy schedule of readings on Cape Cod and elsewhere in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Former Hartwick Professor Carol Frost said of Nikoletta's work, "The poems in all the dead goats are sensuously imagined and beautifully crafted without showing any wear, without self-consciousness. Image to image and line to line the author carries us to a magical realm, the "mind-&-city" of the author's name-"NOUS-IO-POULOS." Among my favorites in this surprisingly mature first book are the poems about familial predicament-love and the mortal coil." Paul McLain wrote, "With Sapphic simplicity and intensity, Nikoletta Nousiopoulos transports us to Greece-her Greece, deeply physical and boundless-part memory, part dream, part ancient prayer. The poems in all the dead goats are evocative and elegiac, full of strange hurts and furies, bearing witness to the difficult rituals of 'heaving breathing living leaving.' Her lyricism conjures all the mystery and authority of a Greek oracle while insisting on the corporeal world."

Peter G. Res ('08) recently published his second collection of poetry, Smoke And The South, through Naissance. His first collection, Vibrant Ghost (2009), is available as an e-chapbook from Differentia Press. Res is currently a Joel Oppenheimer Scholar in Poetry at the MFA Program at New England College, where he is particularly engaged in the art of translation. He has translated poems from French and Spanish, and at present, his energies are devoted to the work of Modern Greek poet Odysseus Elytis. 

Daniel Giovinazzo ('07) is working on an MFA at Lesley College, Boston. His MFA project, a fiction manuscript, entitled The Voice of Surrender, has grown out of the senior project. To support his education in writing, he has been employed as a mason, a painter, and a cook, house-builder, farmhand, dishwasher, and second-grade reading teacher. He currently takes classes and writes at night, while he works as a landscaper six days a week, nine to ten hours a day. Still, as he wrote recently, "I've found writing as a spiritual place, a free place in an expensive world, a place where I can craft my own world[…]. I know that if I keep working hard, writing well will come, as my only care is that I write. If I don't write, I'm not myself. I'm finding myself in writing, and before that I didn't know where to look..."

Megan Kaleita ('07) is pursuing an MFA in writing at Wilkes-Barre University. Her project is a novel based on the experience of wives and families of soldiers deployed to the Iraq war. She began this work as her senior project for the English Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing.

Michelle Galo ('06) earned her MFA in poetry from New England College in 2009. She is teaching at SUNY Adirondack an array of courses that include Introduction to College Writing and Academic Writing, as well as Creative Writing. She is also working part-time at a local independent bookstore.

Danny Pelletier ('05) is currently an adjunct professor at Hartwick, teaching composition and introduction to creative writing. He graduated from Hartwick with an Individual Student Program in fiction and screenwriting, and he earned an MFA in fiction from Goddard College in 2009. His short fiction has appeared in Quarterly West, Monkeybicycle, and Night Train. This summer, two of his stories will appear in Pear Noir!, and an essay on writing is forthcoming from BookLifeNow.com. In 2009, he was awarded a scholarship to the Wesleyan University Writers Conference, and in 2010 his short fiction received an editor's nomination for the Million Writers Award. He and his wife Amanda (Rose) Pelletier ('05) have a young son and are expecting their second child soon.