Activities for Writers

The Writing Underground & Word of Mouth

The Writing Club meets weekly to conduct such activities as student-run writing workshops and collaborative writing projects. The club also sponsors open-mike readings as well as readings by writers visiting the campus.  In Spring Term, members constitute the editorial board of the college literary magazine Word of Mouth, an anthology of student poetry, prose, and art work, including the poem which has won the Anna Sonder Prize of the Academy of American Poets. The club's activities are shaped by the members every year, and have included informal play production, radio programming, letterpress printing, publication design, performance poetry, and other interests of the members.

Hilltops, the College's student newspaper. 
Offices in Dewar Hall. Written for and by students.

We're a weekly tabloid focusing on campus life, with special emphasis on news, sports, the arts, and student life in general. Regular columns and editorials are devoted to analysis of news and sporting events, political and social commentary, humor, and life-views. As a rule the reporters, editors, and photographers who compose the Hilltops staff are an eclectic group of students from various disciplines, but traditionally a substantial number have been English majors, some of whom have gone on to internships at larger newspapers or to similar positions in radio or television. Interested parties can attend the annual organizational meeting and workshop in early September: previous experience in journalism (working for your high-school newspaper, for example) may prove useful but is not a prerequisite. There is also an on-line edition of Hilltops, and it is possible to e-mail letters to the editor.

The Anna Sonder Prize
of the Academy of American Poets (NYC)

The Anna Sonder Prize for 2006-2007 (announcement)

The Anna Sonder Prize for 2007-2008 (announcement)

Each Spring Term the Department holds a competition for the best poem by a Hartwick student. The prize is cooperatively administered by the Department and the Academy of American Poets in New York City, and is given in memory of Anna Sonder, the mother of Professor Otto Sonder of the Sociology Department, who has generously endowed the prize forever in her name. Established in 1979, the competition awards $100 to the writer of the poem that is judged best by a committee of department faculty members. The judges may split the prize between two poets and they may award Honorable Mention as well. The winning poem (or poems) is published in the departmental newsletter English Notes and in the college literary magazine Word of Mouth, (formerly Desideratum ).