Concentration in Literature

Option for Classes of 2010 and 2011 only:

 Requirements for the major with a concentration in literature: Minimum of 12 courses, distributed as follows:

  • Two courses at the 200 level:
          English Literature I (230)
          American Literature I (240)

(Note:  230 & 240 will be offered in 2009-10, but not in 2010-11 or thereafter.)

  • Eight courses at the 300/400 level, distributed as follows:
    Two courses in literature before 1800, selected from: 
        Classical Theatre and Drama (320)
        Drama to 1850 (321)
        The British Novel I (325)
        Old English (330)
        Chaucer (331)
        Middle English Literature (333)
        English Renaissance (335)
        Shakespeare I and II (336 and 337)
        17th Century English Literature (340)
        18th Century English Literature (345)
        Selected Topics in Literature Before 1800 (350)
        British Authors before 1800 (367)
        Issues in British Literature & Culture before 1800 (368)
        Studies in British Poetry before 1800 (369)
        Seminar in Literature Before 1800 (450)

At least three 300/400-level courses must be part of a four-course literature concentration designed by the student and approved by the department no later than fall of the junior year. A concentration may be in a single literary genre, an historical period, a topic, an author or combination of authors, or in cultural studies. One of the four courses may be a creative writing course or a relevant course from another department. Senior seminars and directed studies, exclusive of the Senior Project, may count if appropriate, as may the before-1800 courses at the 300/400 level required above.

Seminar in Selected Topics (450)

Senior Project (490). Prerequisite: Level IV writing ability and one Approaches (A) course.

One of the 300/400-level courses must be an Approaches (A) course.

The balance of the twelve required courses may be literature courses at any level. One creative writing course is allowed, but expository writing and public speaking courses are not.