Major with Emphasis in Writing

Requirements for the major with an emphasis in writing:

Minimum of 17 courses, distributed as follows:

Thirteen courses, distributed in the same fashion as those for the major, with 210 Advanced College Writing or 310 Creative Writing Non-Fiction in place of one literature elective at that level.

Four additional courses in writing, at least two at the 300/400 level, selected from the following. Three semester hours of 300 Teaching Assistant in Composition may be counted toward the emphasis:

200 Business Writing
205 Journalism
213 Introduction to Creative Writing
250 Topics in Creative Writing
300 Teaching Assistant in Composition
305 Advanced Journalism
310 Creative Writing - Nonfiction
311 Creative Writing - Fiction
312 Creative Writing - Poetry
411 Fiction Workshop
412 Poetry Workshop
295, 395, 495 Internship