Concentration in Literature with an Emphasis in Writing

Requirements for the major with an emphasis in writing: 16 courses, distributed as follows:

  • Eleven courses distributed in the same fashion as those for the major with a Concentration in Literature

  • A total of five courses in writing:

Advanced College Writing (210)

Four additional courses in writing, at least two at the 300/400 level, selected from the following. (One course unit  of Teaching Assistant in Composition (300) may be counted toward the emphasis.)

Business Writing (200)
Journalism (205)
Introduction to Creative Writing (213)
Teaching Assistant in Composition (300)
Advanced Journalism (305)
Creative Writing - Nonfiction (310)
Creative Writing - Fiction (311)
Creative Writing - Poetry (312)
Fiction Workshop (411)
Poetry Workshop (412)
Internship (295, 395, 495)