The English Major (Literature)

Requirements for the major
Minimum of 13 courses, distributed as follows:

One gateway course
190 Introduction to Literature and Criticism
English majors must take this course within one semester of declaring their major.

Nine courses at the 300/400 level, including one Approaches course, distributed as follows:

  • Two foundational courses in literary antecedents:
    329 British Literature: Beginnings through Milton
    370 American Literature: Beginnings through the Civil War
  • Two courses in literature before 1800, selected from:
    321 Drama to 1850
    325 The British Novel I
    330 Old English Literature
    331 Chaucer
    333 Middle English Literature
    335 English Renaissance
    336 and 337 Shakespeare I and II
    340 17th Century British Literature
    345 18th Century British Literature
    350 Selected Topics in Literature Before 1800
    367 British Authors Before 1800
    368 Issues in British Literature and Culture Before 1800
    378 American Indian Literature
    470 Seminar in Literature Before 1800
  • Two additional courses in literature at the 300 level.
  • Three 400-level courses:
    470 Seminar in Selected Topics
    489 Senior Project Methods (1 credit)
    490 Senior Project

Three elective literature courses, at least two at or above the 200-level.
In the major in literature, one creative writing course is allowed, but expository writing and public speaking courses are not, with the exceptions that student teachers and students with an Emphasis in Writing may substitute English 210, Advanced College Writing, for one literature elective.