English Student Outcomes

Student Research

Elizabeth Greco '14 presented the paper "Rape Cannot be Erased: Chaucer's Motives behind Writing the ‘Reeve's Tale'" at the Seventh Annual Undergraduate Conference in Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Moravian College in Fall 2012.

Kayleigh Paster '13 was accepted to present the paper,"Women Saints and Martyrs: Understanding the Portrayal of Women in Anglo-Saxon Hagiography" at the same Moravian Conference.

Jessica Schwartz '12 presented her work at the Alpha Phi Theta Conference at SUNY-Plattsburg.  

Student Internships

Greg Mathers '12 interned as a Nursery Assistant at Scamps Day Nursery in Cheshire, England, in January 2011.

Elizabeth Reich '12 completed an internship at Lockard & Wechsler in Irvington NY, in summer 2011.

Annalee Bensen '13 interned as an Educator at Wolf Mountain Nature Center in Smyrna, NY, in summer 2011.

Hayley Lown '14 interned in Managing Editorial at Harper Collins Publishing in New York, NY, in summer 2013.

Graduate and Profession School Placements

Jeffrey Simonds '10 completed an MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College in May 2013. He is currently teaching as an Adjunct Lecturer in English at Hartwick.

Heather Quarles '11 is enrolled in the MA in Education (English) program at UC Davis.

Rebecca Hodder '11 completed a Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance at Mary Baldwin College in May 2013.

Michael Yalcin '12 is enrolled in the Graduate Program at The Actor's Studio.

Kate Vosburg '12 is enrolled in the MA Program in English at SUNY-Cortland.

Kayleigh Paster '13 is enrolled in the Masters Program in Library and Information Sciences at SUNY-Albany.