Off-Campus Programs

Given that much of English literature is, for Americans, a foreign literature, English majors often arrange to study abroad in England or in another English-speaking country. You might also want to avail yourself of the opportunities inherent in January Term Off-Campus Study course Theatre in England offered by Professor Shaw.

Such study provide students with an opportunity to experience literature in a context which deepens our understanding of other peoples and cultures--an important concept in what is rapidly becoming an increasingly interdependent global community.

Currently Hartwick does not offer its own semester in England, but students may avail themselves of various alternatives: institutional ties, for example, make it possible for Hartwick students to enroll in the Central College of Iowa's program in London (you will be charged Hartwick tuition, to which many Hartwick grants and loans can be applied). Adventurous students interested in post-colonial societies and their literatures might also investigate the Semester in India, a consortium program--for which, again, you are charged Hartwick tuition fees, and to which financial aid (other than campus-based aid) may be applied. With approval of the Department Chair, some of these courses will count for credit in the major.

Majors may also arrange their own study abroad programs while they take an academic leave of absence from Hartwick. Recently our majors have studied in tutorials with Oxford dons through the SUNY/Brockport program, or matriculated alongside English students in a more American-style program of course work at Manchester University. Others have enrolled in the "Semester at Sea" offered by the University of Pittsburgh, studying while circumnavigating the globe on a "floating university."

English majors intending to pursue journalism or museum studies can enroll in the Washington Semester at American University in Washington, D.C., or at affiliated programs at Boston and Philadelphia. If you relish the idea of a term or year spent in a different environment but need additional ideas and information, consult the staff of Global Education, in the PSGE Center of Golisano Hall.