Shane Abrams '11

Major: English Education

Preferred style format: MLA

What is your approach to helping students with a writing assignment?
I ask if they have any specific concerns about the paper. I ask for some background information such as who the paper is for and what the purpose is. Usually the prompt is the most important thing. We walk through each part of it together.

Why did you decide to become a tutor?
I’m kind of a grammar nerd, so that was my initial motivation. I’m a big believer in peer- to-peer tutoring.

How is tutoring valuable to students? I think it’s important to have another person’s perspective. It’s easy to miss something in your own writing. We have different perspectives as people, but we share the college experience.

How is tutoring valuable to you?
As an education major the experience is invaluable. For people who are not going into education, the experience is still useful to build social skills and the communication aspect that everyone needs to interact with other people. I helped one walk-in student with a grad school application and I found out later that he was accepted. It was nice to have a part in that.

What do you want the campus to know about the Writing Center?
I think a lot of people see this as a remedial thing, but it’s really for everyone. The Writing Center is a great resource, especially for students who are in the habit of getting their essays done more than a day in advance. Your writing will naturally become better in the process. Your academic performance, if anything, is going to improve.