Lydia Dennett '11

Major: English and History Writing Center Tutor

Preferred style formats: Chicago, MLA

What is your approach to helping students with a writing assignment?
I talk to them about the assignment, not only the prompt, but also the approach they’re taking. I read the draft with them. When I make suggestions, I try to find something that we both can accept as a reasonable alternative.

Why did you decide to become a tutor? I hadn’t thought about it until I got the letter. It’s validation as a writer that you are good enough to help someone else.

How is tutoring valuable to students? In any case, it’s a little extra help. Professors have been teaching a subject for years and they forget what it’s like to not know what to do, so it’s nice to have someone similar in age going through a similar college experience explain something to you.

How is tutoring valuable to you?
I’ve really enjoyed tutoring and meeting people in different classes and majors. It’s interesting to see something different.

What do you want the campus to know about the Writing Center?
We’re here and we want to help you. My roommate takes her papers into the Writing Center every single time. It gives it a polished sort of look. We actually really like doing this. Go Writing Center!