Colleen Lyons '11

Writing Center TutorMajor: Psychology

Preferred style format: APA

What is your approach to helping students with a writing assignment?
I ask if they were supposed to use any sort of stylized format. I ask questions about the paper such as the thesis, prompt, etc. Generally when I’m reading a paper I’ll mention errors to them right away. I’ll ask them specifics about it and what they’re trying to portray or show them more effective ways to portray their point.

Why did you decide to become a tutor?
I worked as a receptionist here my freshman year. At first I was a little apprehensive, but then I realized that if a professor recommended me, why shouldn’t I have the confidence in myself to build my skills as a writer and use them to help someone else?

How is tutoring valuable to students?
What I think is so important is that we’re one-on-one help. I think that although it’s intimidating to some at first, it helps them understand how personal and important writing is, which helps them at the collegiate level and later in life.

How is tutoring valuable to you?
I learned a lot in terms of human experiences and research. It helps improve my own writing as well.

What do you want the campus to know about the Writing Center?
We offer many different perspectives compared to a friend who is not a neutral party. We don’t take drop-off papers. The editing and revising process takes more than one look. We can also help students work on writing problems more in-depth. When you do come in to have your paper read, take the advice you receive and apply it to other papers you write. We’re here to enhance writing. If a tutor gives you advice on fragments, for example, take note of that advice for papers you’ll write your whole college career.