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German, Austrian, and Swiss contributions to the various sciences, arts, literature, music, archeology, and philosophy demonstrate the significance of German studies in a liberal arts curriculum. The German program, offered by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, provides students with a range of opportunities from general introductory experience in the German language and/or culture, to in-depth concentration in language and literature. Culture and literature courses are offered in English as well as the regular literature courses taught in German, enabling interested students who have had little or no language preparation to gain some insight into German cultural and literary accomplishments. Students majoring in other disciplines may further enrich their academic programs and expand their career options by completing a minor in German.

Course requirements for the major in German assure that students receive a broad background in German language, literature, and culture. The major culminates in the senior project, a thesis, or other appropriate work that demonstrates the student's proficiency in the language. Students are encouraged to go beyond the minimal requirements in German, and to develop an academic program that enriches their knowledge and understanding of the language and culture. Along with additional courses in the discipline, it is suggested that majors begin the study of another foreign language in addition to German, and take a basic course in philosophy and courses on Shakespeare and English literature. In addition, students planning to enter the teaching profession are required to take Composition and Grammar Review (306) as part of their preparation in German, while for students considering a career in business, German in Commerce (235) is highly recommended. While not mandatory, most German majors at Hartwick spend at least a semester, if not an entire year, abroad. The department regularly offers a program in Vienna, Austria, open to other interested students as well as majors, where students become immersed in a German-speaking environment. The College also is a cooperating institution of Central College, which administers a Junior Year Abroad program.

Hartwick graduates with a major in German have gone on to do graduate work at various institutions, including as Fulbright Scholars at universities in Germany and Austria. They are employed as high school teachers, and have entered the world of business and government in such positions as translators and writers, and as employees of import-export firms, banks, travel firms, and branches of the German and Austrian government.

Three-Year Degree Option:
For students majoring in German, Hartwick’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is a unique opportunity to earn a degree in three years. For more information visit www.hartwick.edu/threeyeardegree.