• Hartwick music students perform at Pathfinder Village for holidays
  • Hartwick music students in Ghana
  • Students with Afro-Brazilian band Olodum during a J Term abroad
  • Music faculty and students at Opening Convocation 2011

B.A. in Music


This degree allows students to specialize within the broader context of a liberal arts and sciences education. It also prepares students for graduate work in music as well as affiliated careers in music.  (Note: We do not offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance.)

Degree Requirements for the BA in Music
17 courses distributed as follows:

11 core courses in music theory and history:
   140, 142, 240, 242 Music Theory I-IV (3 cr. each)
   141, 143, 241, 243 Aural Skills I-IV (3 cr. each)
   264, 265, 364 Music History I-III (3 cr. each)

One course in conducting, selected from:
   320 Conducting: Choral (3 cr.)
   322 Conducting: Instrumental (3 cr.)

One music internship:
   395 or 495 Internship in Music (3 cr., 120 hours minimum)

One course in diction (for vocalists):
   324 Foreign Language Diction (3 cr.)

One course in orchestration (for instrumentalists):
   440 Orchestration and Arranging (3 cr.)

6 additional elective credits (MUED or MUSI courses)

490 Senior Thesis in Music (3 cr.)

Performance requirements:
4 semesters of half-hour private piano study (1 cr. each)
8 semesters of the following:
   MUPF 302-308 Private lessons on your primary instrument/voice (1 cr. each)
   MUPF 313, 330, 332 Major performing ensemble (1 cr. each)
   Attendance at scheduled Department Convocations
   End of semester convocation performance (fall) and departmental jury (spring)
   (Note: The sophomore jury serves as a gateway for continuation in the program.)
   Attendance at a minimum of 12 concerts, six of which are professional

Senior Recital (as part of the Senior Thesis; minimum 45 minutes of music)

Descriptions of these courses can be found in the College Catalog.