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  • Students with Afro-Brazilian band Olodum during a J Term abroad
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B.S. in Music Education


The major in music education is a rigorous professional program that fosters individual growth. Curricular emphasis is placed on critical thinking and creativity, and students gain competency in vocal, instrumental, and general music, pre-K-12. Student teaching practica take place in the junior and senior years.

Degree Requirements for the BS in Music Education
27 courses distributed as follows:

11 core courses in music theory and history:
   140, 142, 240, 242 Music Theory I-IV (3 cr. each)
   141, 143, 241, 243 Aural Skills I-IV (2 cr. each)
   264, 265, 364 Music History I-III (3 cr. each)

Two courses in conducting:
   320 Conducting: Choral (3 cr.)
   322 Conducting: Instrumental (3 cr.)

One course in world music:
   280 Music of the World's Cultures (3 cr.)

12 courses in music education:
   100 Introduction to Music Education (3 cr.)
   301 Contemporary Trends in Music Education: Elementary (3 cr.)
   302 Contemporary Trends in Music Education: Secondary (3 cr.)
   221, 222, 223, 224 Keyboard Techniques I-IV (1 cr. each)
 (Note: Keyboard proficiency must be attained by the end of the sophomore year.)

   225 Brass Methods (2 cr.)
   226 Woodwind Methods (2 cr.)
   227 Percussion Methods (2 cr.)
   228 String Methods (2 cr.)
   229 Vocal Methods (2 cr.)

490 Senior Thesis in Music (3 cr.)

Performance requirements
7 semesters of the following:
   MUPF 302-308 Private lessons on primary instrument/voice (1 cr. each)
   MUPF 313, 330, 332 Major performing ensemble (1 cr. each)
   Attendance at scheduled Department Convocations
   End of semester convocation performance (fall) and departmental jury (spring)
     (Note: The sophomore jury serves as a gateway for continuation in the major.)
   Attendance at a minimum of 12 concerts, six of which are professional
At least one credit of College Choir (332) for instrumental majors; one credit of College Wind Ensemble (330) or College Chamber Orchestra (313) for vocal majors

Senior Recital (as part of the Senior Thesis; minimum 45 minutes of music)

Descriptions of these courses can be found in the College Catalog.


Education Program Requirements
Please see the  College Catalog for required Education courses.

New York State Teacher Certification Exam Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST), New York State Teacher Certification Exam Elementary Assessment of Teaching Skills (ATS-W), Content Specialty Test (CST) in Music, and candidates applying for initial certification in New York on or after May 1, 2014, will be required to take and pass the edTPA.

For more information about the certification process in New York visit the NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives website or the New York State Teacher Certification Exams website.

Note: Because of the great overlap in requirements for the music education and music majors, no student may be credited with both majors.