Double Bass Syllabus

Freshman Year

Simandal Book I, Contemporary Bowing - Zimmerman, Marcello Sonatas, Vivaldi Sonatas

30 Etudes-Simandal-scales and arpeggios major and melodic minor 2 octaves except Bb, B, C, C#, D and Eb, various bowings

Sightreading Skills/Orchestral Work:
Orchestral excerpts - Fred Zimmerman

Sophomore Year

Simandal Book I, Simandal Book II, Contemporary Bowing - Zimmerman, 7 Baroque Sonatas, Concerto-Capuzzi.

Sturm 110 Etudes-Book II--major and melodic minor 2 octaves.

Sightreading Skills/Orchestral Work:
Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn Symphonies.

Junior Year

Simandal Book II, Contemporary Bowing - Zimmerman, Concerto in G Major - Cimador, Bach Cello Suites - Sterling Editor

Sturm Etudes-Book II - Hrabe 86 Etudes Book I & II--memorized major and melodic minor scales and arpeggios

Sightreading Skills/Orchestral Work:
36 Overtures - Brahms--Romantic Symphonies

Senior Year

Simandal Book II, Eccles Sonata, advanced concertos, sonatas¬Bottesini, Dittersdorf

Major/minor scales and arpeggios as in Section VIII, Simandal Book II,

Sightreading Skills/Orchestral Work:
Strauss Tone Poems, Wagner Orchestral Excerpts.

Overall Double Bass Repertory List

Method Book:
Franz Simandal - Book I
Franz Simandal - Book II
Frederick Zimmerman - Contemporary Concept of Bowing Technique

Etude Books:
30 Etudes - Franz Simandal, 110 Etudes
Sturm - Book I and II
86 Etudes - Hrabe - Book I and II 14 Studies - Montanari - (Mensch Editor)

Orchestral Studies:
The Complete Double Bass Parts - by Oscar Zimmerman
Beethoven Symphonies
Mozart, Haydn, Weber
Brahms Symphonies
36 Overtures
Romantic Symphonies
Strauss Tone Poems

Orchestral Excerpts for String Bass:
Frederick Zimmerman
Books I to VII

Solo Repertory:
Marcello Six Sonatas, Vivaldi Sonatas No. 1 to No. 6
Ayres and Dances - Frederick Zimmerman
7 Baroque Sonatas - Oscar Zimmerman
Concerto - Antonio Capuzzi
Concerto - G. B. Cimador
Bach Cello Suites - transcribed for double bass by Samuel Sterling
Eccles Sonata - Henry Eccles
Advanced Sonatas and Concerti - Koussevitsky, Bottessini, Dittersdorf, Drangonetti

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