Guitar Syllabus

Dennis Turechek, Instructor

Freshman Year

Fundamentals of finger mechanics (right and left hand), posture, rest and free strokes and legato playing. All major and melodic scales as edited by Segovia- R.H. i,m only. Arpeggios from 24 preludes (Guitar Exercises for Right Hand) by Ferdinando Carulli.

Carcassi - Twenty-five Melodious Studies for Guitar
Sor - Twenty Studies for the Guitar
Giuliani - Selected Studies
Aguado - Selected Studies
Brouwer - Selected Studies

Tarrega - Lagrima, Adelita, Mazurka, Marieta and Selected Preludes
Bach - Bourrees, Sarabandes, Preludes, etc. from Lute Suites and Assorted Works
Sor - Selected Pieces from Op. 1-20
Anon - Renaissance Lute Pieces
Ponce - Preludes 1-6
Logy - Partita in A minor
Milan - Pavans
Dowland - selected Pieces

Sophomore Year

Major and melodic minor scales with other right-hand patterns (i,a-m,a-ami) with rhythmic variety. Chromatic, whole tone and diminished scales.

Sor - Studies 11-20 (Selected)
Dodgeson and Quine - Studies for Guitar (Book 1) (Selected)
Giuliani - Selected Studies
Coster - Selected Studies

Ponce - Preludes
Narvaez - Cancion del Emperador, Deferencias Sobre Guardame las Vacas
Mudarra - Fantasia
Dowland - Dowland’s Ades, Melancholy gailiard
Devisee - Suite in D Major
Sor - Variations on a Theme of Mozart, Andantino, etc.
Tarrega - Capricho Arabe, Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Vivaldi - Concerto in D Major
Duarte - English Suite

Junior Year

All 12 major keys and their modes – three notes per string. Chords on all degrees of scale.

Sor - Studies 11 – 20 (Selected
Dodgeson and Quine - Studies for Guitar (Book 2) (Selected)
Villa – Lobos Twelve Studies (Selected)

Villa-Lobos - Preludes 1 – 5, Popular Suites, Choros Typicos
Downland - Fantasie, landy Hunsdon’s Puffe, Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard, etc.
Bach - Lute Workds BWV 999, 1,000 or Prelude, Fugue and Allegro BWV 998
Brouwer - Danza Characteristica, Elegio de la Danza, Berceuse (Cancion de Luna)
Sor - Op. 22, Op. 25, Grande Solo, etc.
Giuliani - Op. 61 Grande Overture, Grosse Sonata for Flute And Guitar, etc.
Granados - Spanish Dances (Selected)
Albeniz - Leyenda, Granda, etc.
Selected works of Turina, Torroba, Ponce, Rodrigo, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Sanz

Senior Year

All melodic minor keys and their modes- three notes per string. Chords on all degrees of scale. Chord Voicing Theory for fingerboard and application. Transcribing.

Sor - Studies 11 – 20 (Selected)
Villa - Lobos - Studies (1 – 12) (Selected)

Bach - Chaconne, Lute Works BWV 995, 997, 1006a
Falla - Omaggio Le Tombeau de Debussy
Britten - Nocturnal Opus No. 70

Selected works of Brouwer, Barrios, Lauro, Rodrigo, Granados, Albeniz, Dodgeson, Berkeley, Tansman, Harris, Martin, Scarlatti, Torroba, Turina, Sainz de la Maza


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