Clarinet Syllabus

Robin Seletsky

Freshman Year

Major Scales, Natural, Melodic and Harmonic Minor Scales (from memory); Scales in thirds, Straight Arpeggios (played). (Teacher and student pick from repertoire list.)

Klose - Twenty Characteristic Studies
Rose - Thirty-two etudes after Rode
Rose - Forty Studies, Book I

Weber - Concertino
Tartini - Sonata-Concerto in G minor
Cavallini - Adagio & Tarantella
Stamitz - Concerto No. 3 in B-flat
Rabaud - Solo de Concours
Bentzon - Theme and Variations (solo clar.)
Saint Saens - Sonata for clarinet and piano

Sophomore Year

Straight scales, scales in thirds, straight and broken arpeggios (memorized); modal scales, major/minor 7th and diminished 7th chords, chromatics (played)

Klose - Scales and exercises (from Method part 2)
Davies - Scales and arpeggios for the clarinet
Baermann - Method, Book 3
Perry - Technical Fundamentals for the Clarinet

Rose - Forty Studies, Book II
Voxman - Selected Studies
Voxman - Classical Studies

Mozart - Concerto, K, 622
Weber - Concerto, K I & II
Hindemith - Sonata
Brahms - Sonatas I & II
Finzi - Five Bagatelles
Lefebvre - Fantasis Caprice
Schumann - Fantasy-pieces, Op. 73

Junior Year

Scales, arpeggios, dominant and diminished 7ths, scales in thirds and chromatics (memorized); whole-tone scales, min/min 7th and half¬diminished 7ths

Opperman - Studies for the clarinet
Jeanjean - 25 Etudes Techniques et Melodiques
Bitsch - 12 Rhythmic Etudes
Bonade - Orchestral Excerpts for the Clarinet

Schumann - Three Romances, Op. 94
Coplan - Concerto for Clarinet
Messager - Solo de Concours
Stravinsky - Three Pieces
Rossini - Introduction Theme and Variations
Milhaud - Duo Concertante

Chamber Music:
Schubert - The Shepherd on the Rock
Beethoven -Trio, Op.11
Andraud, ed. - Fifteen Woodwind Quintets
Mozart - "Parto Part!" from Clemenza di Tito

Senior Year


Scales, thirds, arpeggios, modal scales, chromatic scales, 7th chords (memorized)

Jeanjean - 25 Etudes, 18 Etudes
Perier - 30 Etudes, Receuil de Sonata
Jettel - Preliminary Studies to the Accomplished Clarinetist
Drucker, ed - Orchestral Excerpts (from vol. 1 - 8, selected)

Bozza - Fantasie Italienne; Bucolique, Concerto
Spohr - Concertos 1 - 4
Debussy - Rhapsodie
Milhaud - Concerto
Polenc - Sonata
Bassi - Rigoletto Fantasy
Smith - Five Peices
Mayer - Raga Music
Babin - Hillandale Waltzes
Bach/Langenus: Chaconne; Chromatic Fantasy

Chamber Music:
Brahms - Trio, Op. 114
Spohr - Sechs Deutsche Lieder
Bartok - Contrasts
Hindemith -
Francaix: Quintets

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