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ISP in Music Related Areas

To ensure basic minimum competency in music the following requirements are needed for an Individual Student Program (ISP) which substantially integrates music and includes "music" in the title:

Review of ISP proposal by the Department of Music
Entrance audition on instrument or voice
      (See Department chair to determine if chosen instrument is
       accepted as an audition instrument)
Two courses in music theory
   140, 142 Music Theory I-II (3 cr. each)
 Two courses in aural skills
   141, 143 Aural Skills I-II (2 cr. each)
4 semesters of MUPF 302-308 Private lessons in auditioned
      instrument/voice (1 cr. each)
4 semesters of MUPF 313, 320, 332 Major performing ensemble (1 cr. each)
      (Enrollment in a major performing ensemble at least one semester
       each academic year is required)
Attendance at scheduled Department Convocations
      (During semesters when enrolled in private lessons)
Convocation performance (fall) or jury (spring)
      (During semesters when enrolled in private lessons)

 For a description of the ISP program, click here
Descriptions of these courses can be found in the College Catalog.

Tomek Regulski '07

Tomek Regulski '07

I got involved with Hartwick Wind Ensemble and Chorus.

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