• Hartwick brass ensemble in New York City
  • Hartwick music students perform at Plains Parish for holidays
  • Ghana village where Hartwick music students conducted fieldwork
  • Students with Afro-Brazilian band Olodum during a J Term abroad

Minor in Music


The minor in music is designed to provide a student with an opportunity to further explore music as an area of special interest above and beyond their declared major.

Requirements for the Minor in Music

Six core courses
   Two of the following: 140, 142, 240, 242 Music Theory I-IV (3 cr. each)
   Two of the following: 141, 143, 241, 243 Aural Skills I-IV (3 cr. each)
   Two of the following: 264, 265, 364 Music History I-III (3 cr. each)
      (Or other music history/world music course subject to approval by
      D. Paige, Professor of Music) 
Performance requirements
   3 semesters of 302-308 Private lessons in music (1 cr. each)
   4 semesters of 313, 330, 332 Major performing ensemble (1 cr. each)
   Attendance at a minimum of 12 concerts, six of which are professional
   (when enrolled in private lessons)
   Convocation and recital performances are highly recommended

Minors must select an advisor from the Department of Music who will assist them in planning their sequence of courses.

Course descriptions can be found in the College Catalog.