• Music faculty and students at Opening Convocation 2011
  • Hartwick music students perform at Pathfinder Village for holidays
  • Hartwick brass ensemble in New York City
  • Hartwick music students in Ghana

Our Mission

The faculty and staff of the Department of Music develop each student as an individual who will possess the necessary musical knowledge and skills to pursue careers in music and to engage in the life-long learning of and particpation in music. The faculty and staff are experts in music who are committed to providing high quality instruction and musical experiences and who develop in each student abilities in performance, intellect, creativity, communication, and teaching.

We demonstrate a strong caring commitment to the individual that is emphasized through intentional advising, yearly student evaluations, and a commitment to helping students to participate in unique and individual music and music-related projects. We create an atmosphere that is inclusive and is founded on close faculty-student interaction and on a spirit of collaboration that aids in the development of self-motivated learners who have the ability to apply and transfer concepts and knowledge.

Because of our commitment to student development and to the Liberal Arts in Practice, the Department of Music encourages and often requires special projects that require student initiative, student-faculty collaboration, and application of classroom knowledge to real world settings.

In our classrooms, rehearsals, performances, and as a Department we develop:

  • Individuals who can demonstrate an intellectual command of music from a range of cultural and geographical regions and throughout historical time.
  • Musicians who can demonstrate a solid understanding of the fundamental theoretical and formal structures in music.
  • Musicians with solid command of and evidence of artistry in their performance areas.
  • Creative individuals who can demonstrate music content mastery through original work and/or innovative application of previous knowledge and skills.
  • Communicators who can articulate their beliefs and knowledge about music to others with clarity and ease.
  • Individuals who can demonstrate an understanding of how technology serves the field of music and who can demonstrate a working knowledge of and basic skills in the field of music technology.
  • Teaching abilities in music education students through a study of music education methodology and its application to real world classroom settings.


Jennifer Knecht '02

Jennifer Knecht '02

Hartwick gave me a solid foundation.

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