• Hartwick students during Gospel Choir Sing event
  • Hartwick music students perform at Plains Parish for holidays
  • Hartwick Choir students during Gospel Choir Sing
  • Hartwick music students in Ghana

Private Lessons

Private studio study is an important component of both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees offered at Hartwick College.

Artists-in-Residence teach private lessons and these are open to any student on campus, pending studio availability.  Each private lesson, whether hour or 1/2 hour is given 1 credit hour per semester. 

Private lesson fees are supported in part by the College. The student cost for hour lessons is $598 per semester; the cost for 1/2 hour lessons is $299.  Music majors receive further support for hour lessons on their primary instrument or vocal area so that the resulting fee per semester is $299. Contact the Department of Music for fees for part-time students and for lessons taken for no academic credit.

Majors are expected to practice at least two hours daily.

Course registration instructions can be found in the College Catalog.

See Ensembles for more opportunities.
Jennifer Knecht '02

Jennifer Knecht '02

Hartwick gave me a solid foundation.

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