Music Student Outcomes

Music Education Student Research

Melissa Zimmerman '14, presented "Breaking down gender barriers: Evening the playing field in orchestral conducting" during Student Showcase 2014.

Katie Pennings '14, presented "The Common Core and its impact on music programs in New York state" during Student Showcase 2014, A. Deisler, advisor.

Jessica Spitz '14, presented "Rockin' the Iron Curtain: Music's political relevance during the Cold War explored in the performance-based classroom" during Student Showcase 2014, A. Deisler, advisor.

Beth Zajeceskowski '14, presented "Adaptations and modifications for students with special needs in the classroom" during Student Showcase 2014, A. Deisler, advisor.

Paul Patinka '15, completed "Exploring the Elizabeth A. and Maby Fisk Collection: Understanding American Vernacular Music of the 19th Century" under a Faculty Research Grant, D. Paige, advisor,  summer 2014.

Music Student Research

Earl Cutter '14, presented "Sound engineering symposium", during Student Showcase 2014.

Tim Bell '14, presented "Songs of my life" during Student Showcase 2014.

Kyle Finch '15, presented "Benefits of listening to music during exercise" during Student Showcase 2014.

Megan Cernilli '14, presented "The Springbrook handbook: Anything and everything you need to know about completing your internship at Springbrook" during Student Showcase, 2014 A. Deisler, advisor.

Nancy Tarr '14, presented "Music licensing: The ultimate revenue" during Student Showcase 2014, D. Paige, advisor.