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C. W. (Sandy) Huntington, Jr. CV

C.W. Huntington, Jr.
Department of Religious Studies
Hartwick College
Oneonta, NY 13820
Home: (607) 433-1679
Office: (607) 431-4325
E-mail: huntingtonc@hartwick.edu

Primary Fields:
Indian Buddhism
South and East Asian Religions and Philosophies

Secondary Fields:
Cultural History of South and East Asia
Comparative Religion
Philosophy of Religion
Comparative Philosophy
Religion and Literature
Native American Religions
Religion and Ecology

1973-86; University of Michigan Ph.D.; (Asian Languages & Cultures); M.A. (Linguistics)
1977-79: Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India; Diploma (Tibetan)
1976-77; Central Hindi Institute, New Delhi, India; Diploma (Hindi)
1967-71; Michigan State University B.A. (Humanities)

Classical: Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Chinese
Modern: Hindi, French (reading only)

Hartwick Faculty Research Grant (2011)
The Margaret B. Bunn Award for Excellence in Teaching (2004)
Hartwick College Faculty Award for Innovative Teaching (1996)
Smithsonian/American Institute of Indian Studies Senior Research Fellowship (1988-89)
University of Michigan Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship (1985-86)
Smithsonian/American Institute of Indian Studies Junior Research Fellowship (1984-85)
Smithsonian/A.I.I.S. Hindi Fellowship for Language Study in India (1976-77)
NDEA Title VI Fellowships (1975-76, 1979-83)

Membership in Professional Associations
American Academy of Religion
International Association of Buddhist Studies
Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education

[1995-] Hartwick College Professor of Religious Studies
1994-95 Denison University Visiting Assistant Professor
1990-94 University of Michigan Visiting Assistant Professor
1987 & 1988 Antioch University Adjunct Professor of Buddhist Studies

Classes Taught
World Religions
Asian Religions
Religion and Literature
Native American Religions
Theory & Practice of Theravada Buddhist Meditation
Far Eastern Religions
The Sacred City of Banaras (off campus in Banaras, India)
Philosophy of Consciousness in India
Psychology of Religious Experience
The World of North Indian Devotional Music

Architectural Design and Building: "Architecture of the Sacred"
Eight classes taught at the Hartwick College Pine Lake Environmental Campus over a period of four academic years, in which the students designed and built two environmentally appropriate structures. See links to videos of these classes on the Hartwick College Pine Lake Web site (search "strawbale house").

Major Academic Conferences Organized and Chaired
"Buddhism in the Catskills", a semester long series of events at Hartwick College, including weekly speakers and two visiting Tibetan Lamas from Sara-je Monastery in Karnataka, India. Funded through Hartwick College and the Hartwick College NEH endowment

"Sustainable Living", a series of speakers and other events at Hartwick College, presented over the course of a full academic year. Funded through Hartwick College and the Hartwick College NEH endowment.

Selection of Papers Presented
"The Triumph of Narcissism," to be presented at the 2012 meeting of the American Academy of Religion (forthcoming, November 2012)

"Indian Mahayana Buddhism," presented at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde, Cooperstown, New York (July 2012)

"The Interpretation of Indian Madhyamaka Texts," presented at Smith College for Madhyamaka & Methodology: A Symposium on Buddhist Theory and Method (April 23-25, 2010). This 3-day event was organized around an earlier paper of mine ("The Nature of the Madhyamaka Trick") published in The Journal of Indian Philosophy (see below under Publications) and a response to that paper, published in the same journal. The entire symposium was filmed, and can be viewed online at http://www.smith.edu/buddhism/event-mmsymp.php.

"Methodology in Buddhist Studies: The Life's Work of Luis Gomez," presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Chicago, 2008, on a panel honoring the retirement of Luis Gomez, Professor and Chair, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Michigan.

"History, Tradition, and Truth," presented at Smith College (September 2008)

"Causation in Indian Buddhism," presented at Cornell University (October 2006)

"The Life of the Buddha as Teaching," presented at the Ithaca Public Library (October 2007)

"The Notion of Consciousness in Indian Buddhism," presented at Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca New York (June 2004)

"Emptiness in Context," presented at Middlebury College (April, 2003)

"Using Meditation in the Classroom," presented at a conference on "Teaching Buddhism:
The State of the Art" held at McGill University, Montreal (October 1999)

"History, Logic and the ‘Madhyamaka View,'" presented at the semi-annual meeting of
the International Association of Buddhist Studies in Lausanne, Switzerland (August 1999)

"Madhyamaka and the Doctrine of Emptiness," presented at Middlebury College (November 1999)

"Buddhism and Death," presented at The West Kortright Center for the Arts (August 1998)

"Bhavaviveka, Bhartrhari, and the Formation of Early Indian Madhyamaka", presented at
the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Francisco (November 1997)

"Russian Orthodox Mysticism," presented to the spouses of the Hartwick College Board of Trustees (November 1997)

"Awakening in the Dream: Buddhism and the Nature of Consciousness," presented at the State University of New York in Oneonta (April 1997)

"Suffering and Nihilism," presented as the annual Littaurer Lecture on Forms of Religious Belief and Practice, Marlboro College (April 1996)

"The Relationship between the Tibetan version of the Akutobhaya and the Chinese Chuang-lun," presented at the semi-annual meeting of the International Association of Buddhist Studies in Mexico City (March 1995)

"Buddhism and Postmodernity," presented at The University of Oregon Center for the Humanities (March 1990)

"The Historical Period of Early Indian Madhyamaka," presented at the Conference on South Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (March 1989)

"Candrakīrti's Madhyamakāvatārabhāṣya VI.86-97", Part Four, Chapter 28 in Buddhist Philosophy, edited by William Edelgass and Jay Garfield. Oxford University Press (Oxford, 2009).

Preface to Pyrrhonism: How the Ancient Greeks Reinvented Buddhism, Adrian Kuzminski. Lexington Books (New York, 2008).

"The Nature of the Mādhyamika Trick", Journal of Indian Philosophy 35 (June 2007), 103-131.

"History, Tradition, and Truth", History of Religions 46, No. 3 (February 2007), 188-227.

"Was Candrakirti a Mādhyamika?". Part One, Chapter Two (pp. 67-92) of The Svatantrika-Prasangika Distinction, edited by Georges Dreyfus & Sara McClintock. Wisdom Publications (Boston, 2003).

"Akutobhayā". The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Vol. VIII (1999), 329-332.

Review of Buddhism and Language : a Study of Indo-Tibetan Scholasticism. History of Religions 37 (Feb. 1998): 289-291.

"A Lost Text of Early Indian Madhyamaka". Asiatische Studien / Etudes Asiatiques XLIX.4 (1995), 693-768.

"A Way of Reading". Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies 18, No. 4 (Fall 1995). (Solicited by the editors as part of a special issue on methodology)

"The Theatre of Objectivity". Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies 15, No. 1 (Fall 1992), 118-133.

The Emptiness of Emptiness. University of Hawaii Press (Honolulu, 1989). Indian
Edition: Motilal Banarsidas Publishers (Delhi 1992). Paperback
Edition: University of Hawaii Press (Honolulu 1995). 2nd Printing of
Paperback: University of Hawaii Press (Honolulu 1999).

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 111.2 (1991), 413-414.
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