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Theatre in New York City, January 2008

History of Theatre at Hartwick
The Little Theatre in Cardboard Alley
The federal works agency built an L-shaped building, which began in February 1947. Cardboard Alley, a temporary academic building named because of its flimsy structure, was dedicated at the Opening Convocation on September 24, 1947. More about Hartwick's theatre history . . .

The Cardboard Alley Players and The Lab Theatre
In 1960, Dr. Bruce Kellner arrived at Hartwick to become the college's first head of drama. He wrote the book The Cardboard Alley Players: A History of Their First Nine Years.  More about the Cardboard Alley Players . . .

The Major
The theatre arts major was instituted at Hartwick in 1977. Dr. David Ferrel left Hartwick in 1984. Ken Golden came to Hartwick in August of 1983 as the director of Technical Theatre. Dr. Duncan Smith joined the Hartwick Theatre staff in 1986. More about the history of the theatre arts major at Hartwick...

The Present and Future of Hartwick Theatre...

Theatre Arts Major - Program and Courses
Theatre Major Requirements
Theatre Minor Requirements

Faculty and Staff
Kenneth Golden
Professor, Director of Theatre, M.F.A. Florida State University. Areas of focus: design and technology, film studies, Theatre in New York City.

Marc Shaw
Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara. Areas of focus: directing, acting, playwriting, British and European drama, American College Theatre Festival, improvisational theatre.

Malissa Kano-White
Associate Professor, M.F.A., Illinois State University. Areas of focus: acting, directing, musical theatre, theatre in education, theatre for young audiences, theatre literature for young audiences and performance.

Gary Burlew
Instructor in Technical Theatre and Theatre Technical Director, B.S., SUNY-Brockport. Areas of focus: technical direction, lighting design, stage management and stage crafts.

Kathryn Smith
Adjunct Instructor in Dance; BFA in Dance from The College at Brockport. Areas of focus: Modern, Ballet, Introduction to Movement for Theater and Dance Styles.

Katelyn Welch
Production Assistant/Academic Intern
B.A., Hartwick College

Theatrical Facilities
The Lab Theatre is the "home away from home" to the theatre major/minor.  It is a black box theatre that can be arranged in a variety of ways.

Slade Theatre is the other "home away from home" to the theatre major/minor.  This is where all main stage plays, the annual musical, and more occur.