Senior Project Policy

For senior projects, students will be required to submit a formal project proposal to the Director of Theatre the Monday before spring recess of the year prior to their project (regardless of being scheduled for the fall or spring of your senior year).  Students submitting proposals will meet with theatre faculty and staff for presentations and questions during the week after spring recess. Proposals will be accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected by the end of the week. Students will have about two weeks to resubmit proposals. All deadlines are firm and extensions will be granted only in exceptional situations with prior notification.

Options for senior projects include:

A. Producing, directing and designing a one-act play (around 40 – 60 minutes in length). Full length plays, musicals, dance choreography and other sorts of performance projects will be considered on a case by case basis for exceptional students.

B. Completing two design areas for a faculty-directed (or mentored) production for Fall, Spring or January terms.

C. Writing a thesis research paper similar to the English major thesis requirement.

D. Playwriting or Screenwriting project – A play or sequence of short plays written from new material or adapted from a short story or novel, etc. Full length playwriting projects will only be considered for a student with a portfolio of previously written plays. These projects will include a public reading of the finished work(s).

E. Dramaturgical project – investigation of theatre practices, styles and theory for a main stage, faculty-directed production resulting in a portfolio of materials. Depending on the project, a reflective paper and/or a lobby display may also be required.

Proposals must include:

For Everyone:

1. A clear, detailed, written description of your project (producing, directing, designing, writing or dramaturgy project, etc.) and the term and dates in which you prefer your project take place. Students must also include an up-to-date copy of their degree audit and a copy of their proposed course schedule for the term of the project.

For Director/Producers:

1. Resume with all performance and production work – both on and off campus

2. Portfolio from play production and other relevant work

3. Rationale for play selection – include gender make up of cast and casting options, special production problems you foresee and possible solutions.

4. Tentative production concept

For Designers:

1. Resume with all production work – both on and off campus.

2. Portfolio representing listed production work and also selected class projects.

3. Statement from the cooperating director of his/her desire to work with you.

Final note, the director/producer/designer and the main stage design projects involve significant leadership responsibilities and therefore affect numerous other artists involved in a production. Only juniors who will have achieved senior standing with significant completion of the Theatre Arts major requirements by the term of their project and have acquired at least a 3.0 GPA within the major and a 2.0 GPA overall will be allowed to submit such proposals. Exceptions to this rule will be considered through a petition process. The petitioner will be required to submit to the Director of Theatre a detailed, written explanation for why he/she should be allowed to go forward with the project, on a probationary basis, despite the low GPA or lack of completed requirements. Mid-term reviews will be conducted for all probationary projects and cancellation of the production project may result if it is clear the student cannot finish the requirements satisfactorily.