• A Hartwick professor helping a student during class.
  • A Hartwick professor discussing Botany with a student.
  • A Hartwick student using a microscope in the science lab.
  • Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.

Interdisciplinary Studies Committee

The primary function of the committee is to promote and encourage the development of interdisciplinary study. It solicits suggestions for interdisciplinary courses and programs from all segments of the college community, and approves or rejects proposals for the addition or deletion of interdisciplinary and non-departmental courses or programs. The committee also establishes policies and procedures for individually designed student programs and evaluates proposals from students for new ISPs and ISP senior projects.

Committee Members 2013-2014

Amy Forster Rothbart, Chair
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Golisano Hall
Phone: 607-431-4865
E-mail: forsterrotha@hartwick.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Ayer, ISP Coordinator
Associate Professor of Art History
Anderson Center for the Arts, Room 135
Phone: 607 431-4826
E-mail: ayere@hartwick.edu

Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Johnstone, Room 239
Phone: 607-431-4734
E-mail: balogh_brunz@hartwick.edu

Blake Tenore
Assistant Professor of Education
Clark, Room 318
Phone: 607-431-4840
E-mail: tenoreef@hartwick.edu

Mark Wolff
Associate Professor of French
Clark, Room 324
Phone: 607-431-4615
E-mail: wolffm0@hartwick.edu

Malissa Kano-White
Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
Clark, Room 122
Phone: 607-431-4920
E-mail: kano_whitem@hartwick.edu

Kevin Schultz
Assistant Professor of Physics
Johnstone, Room 123
Phone: 607-431-4659
E-mail: schultzk@hartwick.edu