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Instructions for Approved Programs

Implementing the Program
Your Individual Student Program should be carried out exactly as approved, according to the plans outlined in the Declaration Form.  Choices about electives, general education classes, etc. that do not affect the list of ISP courses can be made by the student.

Any changes that affect ISP related courses, however, must be submitted in writing to the ISP Coordinator. This may be done via email.  The Coordinator can approve minor changes without referring them to the entire IS Committee. However, if the requested changes significantly alter the content of an ISP Program, the Coordinator may decide to take the request before the entire IS Committee.  Note: Failure to secure approval in advance for any change in an approved ISP may invalidate the program and may result in failure to graduate. 

It is the responsibility of the student to meet all departmental requirements for the planning and carrying out of internships, independent studies, and other special programs or courses.  Your program advisor, the coordinator of internships, and other faculty members can assist you in fulfilling these requirements.  You should start planning well in advance of any projected off-campus experience as individual departments may require a departmental approval as much as a full semester in advance.