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Step by Step: Getting Started

Step 1:  Exploring Your Idea
If you are interested in developing an Individual Student Program, you should first talk over your idea with the ISP Coordinator and other faculty members at Hartwick who are knowledgeable in your area of interest. Many students have also received significant help from students with approved Individual Student Programs, other members of the Hartwick community, and individuals not associated with Hartwick. The idea is to test and refine your idea by discussing them with as many people as possible. ISPs must be declared by the end of sophomore year, so we recommend you begin the exploration process no later than the fall of your second year. Transfer students who want to pursue ISPs should contact the ISP coordinator as soon as they are accepted.

Next, do as much research as possible into your area of interest. Using the Hartwick Catalog and other relevant resources, find and list courses that would fit into your proposed program. If relevant, also look into possible internships, independent study programs, and course offerings at other institutions, such as SUNY Oneonta.  Finally, investigate how your ISP would enhance your long-term career opportunities. Students can make use of Hartwick's Stevens- German Library, The Office of Career Development & Education, and Internet resources to do this research.

Only when your ideas are fairly well formulated should you prepare your formal proposal.

Step 2:  Get Program Advisors
Your student ISP Advisory Committee is a group of 3-4 faculty members, who are knowledgeable in your specific area of interest, and who are willing to support your proposal with advice and recommendations throughout your Hartwick career.  After you know something about your area of interest and have spoken with a number of people about your program, ask a Hartwick faculty member to be your Program Advisor.  This person will be your primary academic advisor and will help you develop and implement your program.  You must also get at least two other people who are knowledgeable in the area of your ISP to serve on your individual committee.  

Dr. Elizabeth Ayer, Anderson Center for the Arts, Room 135. Phone: 607 431-4826 email: ayere@hartwick.edu.