A.J. Russo

A.J. RussoA.J.'s research has recently focused on studying the etiology of neurological disorders,
 particularly behavioral diseases such as autism, bipolar disorder,
 schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. Of particular interest is the
 relationship between nutritional and metabolic deficiencies and these 
diseases. To do this, he focuses on identifying abnormal levels 
of protein biomarkers such as certain growth factors and neurotransmitters 
important to normal nervous system function.

When A.J.'s not in the lab or classroom, he can sometimes be found writing, jogging, playing racquetball, watching lacrosse games, or spending time with his family.

A.J. is currently the Editor and Chief of the online journal, Autism Insights.

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Email:  russoa2@hartwick.edu
Phone: 607-431-4732
Office: 329 Johnstone Science Center