Allen Crooker

Allen is an entomologist as well as a pathologist and neurobiologist.  His research interests are in environmental pathology and invertebrate histology and neurobiology.  He is currently undertaking studies of the nervous systems of several species of spiders and mites.  He teaches Anatomy & Physiology, Electron Microscopy, Invertebrate Zoology, Neurobiology, and a J-Term trip to Madagascar and is also the chair of the Pre-Allied Health Program. Allen is an avid photographer and scuba diver, hobbies that he frequently combines on forays to the Gulf of Maine and points north. In his remaining free time, Allen enjoys snakes, ferrets, backpacking, kayaking, and making and throwing boomerangs. Allen has been at Hartwick College since 1994.

Phone: 607-431-4750 
Office: 339 Johnstone Science Center