Mark Kuhlmann

Mark is a marine and aquatic biologist with interests in the behavioral, population, and community ecology of invertebrates and fishes. He has recently conducted research on predator-prey interactions between blue crabs and clams in the lower Susquehanna (a.k.a. Chesapeake Bay). He is currently conducting local projects on the behavioral and population ecology of crayfish and freshwater fish and research on octopus and lionfish in the Bahamas.  His classes include Biology in Practice, Behavioral Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, and Island Biogeography, an off-campus course in tropical biology. Mark came to Hartwick in 1997. He enjoys hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, sailing, and homebrewing and he sometimes plays trumpet in the Hartwick Jazz Ensemble.

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Phone: 607-431-4768 
Office:   337 Johnstone Science Center