Mary Allen

Mary is a microbiologist whose primary research interest is the community ecology of microorganisms.Mary Allen She has studied microbial communities from cold and hot deserts and is presently investigating interactions among members of the communities that form inside pitcher plant leaves. Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants that form leaves shaped like water pitchers, which collect water and house a diverse microbial community. She teaches Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Anatomy of a Desert (in and around Big Bend National Park, Texas), and Concepts in Biology. Mary enjoys hiking, swimming, snow-shoeing, playing with her daughter Emily and son Nathaniel, and reading historical mysteries. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, she still enjoys visiting the Southwest. Mary has been at Hartwick College since 1997. She is currently also the Biology Department chair.

Phone: 607-431-4743
Office: 343 Johnstone Science Center