Off-Campus Study Opportunities

Several off-campus biology courses offered during January Term provide intensive field experience in tropical ecology and natural history. Expertise among the biology faculty in tropical biology include ecology, taxonomy, microbiology, natural history, marine biology, herpetology, and ornithology. The geographical locations presently studied are the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Thailand, Madagascar, and the Big Bend region of Texas. See the links at left for more information on these programs.

The department maintains a close working relationship with the Gerace Research Center, on San Salvador Island, and with the Organization for Tropical Studies, a consortium of about 50 major universities and colleges in the U.S. and Latin America, headquartered in Costa Rica.

These off-campus biology field programs are worth their weight in gold in terms of giving students the kind of experience and insight that makes them prime contenders for all kinds of professional opportunities in the years ahead, especially in the areas of ecology, evolution, and environmental science, but other areas as well.

You can find general information and application forms at the Office of Global Education web pages.

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