B.S. Biochemistry (ACS certified)

Degree Requirements:

  1. Nine Chemistry Courses:
    General Chemistry I, II with lab (CHEM 107, 107L, 108, 108L)
    [or Accelerated General Chemistry (CHEM 109)]
    Organic Chemistry I, II with lab (CHEM 201, 201L, 202, 202L)
    Analytical Chemistry with lab (CHEM 203, 203L)
    Inorganic Chemistry I with lab (CHEM 210, 210L)
    Physical Chemistry I, II with lab (CHEM 303, 303L, 304, 304L)
    Instrumental Methods of Analysis with lab (CHEM 404, 404L)

  2. Four Biology Courses:
    Biology in Practice (BIOL 101)
    Concepts in Biology I: Energy (BIOL 202)
    Concepts in Biology II: Information (BIOL 203)
    Molecular Biology of the Cell (BIOL 312)

  3. Three Biochemistry Courses:
    Biochemistry I, II with lab (BIOC 405, 405L, 406, 406L)
    Senior Thesis Research (BIOC 490) 6 credits

  4. Two Courses in Mathematics:
    Single Variable Calculus (MATH 121)
    Multiple Variable Calculus (MATH 233)

  5. Two Courses in Physics:
    General Physics I, II (PHYS 201, 202)

  6. One AdditionalCourse (selected from the following list):
    Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 410)
    Microbiology (BIOL 306)
    Animal Development (BIOL 300)
    Plant Development (BIOL 302)
    Animal Physiology (BIOL 304)
    Comparative Physiology (BIOL 327)
    Immunology (BIOL 425)
    Electronics (PHYS 265)
    Atomic and Nuclear Physics (PHYS 305)
    Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (PHYS 314)
    Optics (PHYS 318)
    Electricity and Magnetism (PHYS 401, 402)
    Mathematical Probability and Statistics (MATH 308)
    Differential Equations (MATH 311)

Recommended Sequence of Courses:

First Year:
General Chemistry I, II (or Accelerated General Chemistry)
Analytical Chemistry I (if CHEM 109 taken)
Biology in Practice and Concepts in Biology I or II
MATH 121 and MATH 233
PHYS 201 

Second Year:
Organic Chemistry I, II
Analytical Chemistry (if not taken first year)
Concepts in Biology I or II
Molecular Biology of the Cell
PHYS 202

Third Year:
Physical Chemistry I
Biochemistry I, II (with lab)
Inorganic Chemistry I

Fourth Year:
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Physical Chemistry II
Senior Thesis Research (6 credits)
One additional course selected from the list provided