Chemistry Minor

Minior Requirements:

  1. Six Chemistry Courses:
    General Chemistry I, II with lab (CHEM 107, 107L, 108, 108L)
      or Accelerated General Chemistry (CHEM 109)
    Organic Chemistry I with lab (CHEM 201, 201L)
    Organic Chemistry II with lab (CHEM 202, 202L) 
       or Inorganic Chemistry I with lab (CHEM 210, 210L)
    Analytical Chemistry with lab (CHEM 203, 203L)
    Physical Chemistry I with lab (CHEM 303, 303L)
       or Environmental Chemistry with or without lab (CHEM 315)
       or Biochemistry I with or without lab (BIOC 405) 

  2. One Course in Mathematics:
    Single Variable Calculus (MATH 121)

  3. Two Courses in Physics:
    Principles of Physics I, II (PHYS 140, 141)