Chemistry Facilities

In 2001, the Department of Chemistry moved into new and renovated spaces on the 4th floor of Johnstone Science Center and Miller Hall. We share the floor with the Department of Nursing and the Biotechnology Center. Click on the pictures below to see larger images of our instruments, research labs, and classrooms.

In addition to standard laboratory equipment such as pH meters, top-loading and analytical balances, Vernier computer interface units, and chemistry-specific software, the chemistry department maintains sophisticated instruments that are available for student use in their courses and on research projects.


Year purchased


Atomic Absorption
2001 PerkinElmer Analyst 300
Diode Array-UV/Visible
1987 HP 8452A
FT-Infrared spectrometer 2000 Thermo-Mattson Genesis II
FT-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
1999 Bruker Avance 300 Ultrashield
Gas Chromatograph-
Mass Spectrometer
2004 Varian Saturn 2200 GC/MS/MS
Ion Chromatograph 2002 Dionex DX-120
Liquid Chromatograph 2002 Dionex UVD170U detector, P680 HPLC pump
Luminescence spectrometer 1985 PerkinElmer LS50B
Magnetic Susceptibility balance 2002 Johnson Matthey MSB MarkI

Classrooms and Research Labs
The center of the chemistry department is the research and instrument suite. Four individual research labs provide space for students to work one-on-one with chemistry faculty, and additional research space exits for our students in the Environmental and Biotechnology Centers in the Johnstone Science Center. Instruments are housed in one of two instrument suites that are easily accessed from the surrounding classrooms. The biochemistry classroom/lab is located in the Biotechnology Center.

Research lab
This is Dr. Erickson's research lab, one of four in the research/instrument suite.
Biochemistry classroom/lab
This space is used to teach BIOC 405/406 lab and for some biochemistry research projects
General Chemistry classroom/lab
This room is used for CHEM 107/108 labs and CHEM 109 lab/lecture. The front of the room is also used for lectures in small-enrollment courses. The twelve table-top hoods can accommodate up to 24 students.
Analytical/Physical Chemistry lab
This lab space is used for the laboratory sections of CHEM 203, 303/304, and 404.
Organic Chemistry classroom/lab
This space is used to teach CHEM 201/202 labs. The twelve 6-foot hoods around the room can accommodate up to 24 students. The desks at the front of the room are used for pre-lab lectures.