Hartwick Chemistry Represented at the Spring 2010 ACS Meeting

In March 2010, Hartwick senior chemistry majors, Annabelle Chu Yan Fui, Paul Giokas, and Shawn Kowal, presented their research at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco, CA. For all three students, it was an excellent opportunity to present their research to a national audience and to learn about other people’s research.

Annabelle Chu Yan Fui ’10 presented a poster entitled “Aqueous Diels-Alder reactions as an introduction to green chemistry”. Annabelle worked in conjunction with her advisor, Dr. Mark Erickson, to develop a Diels-Alder reaction that could be performed as an undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory experiment using “green chemistry” techniques. They successfully replaced the traditionally used cyclopentadiene with a diene that was a non-volatile organic compound (non-VOC) that is better for the environment.


Paul Giokas ’10 worked with Dr. John Dudek and Dr. Jason Hofstein from Siena College. Through this collaboration, Paul presented a poster entitled “Trace detection of NO2 and possibly NO3 using CW cavity ring-down spectroscopy”. Using a 532 nm HeNe laser, Paul was able to measure to measure low concentrations of NO2.

Shawn Kowal '10 teamed up with Dr. John Dudek and Dr. Eric Johnson from Hartwick Geology to study the formation of mineral samples from the Dana Hill Metagabbro Body in the Adirondack Mountains of New York (DHMG). The goal of the project was to use computer modeling to better understand the conditions present at the time of mineral formation. Shawn presented a poster entitled “Investigation of C-O-H-salt fluid infiltration into granulite facies shear zones: Dana Hill Metagabbro Adirondack Mountains, NYS.