Biochemistry Students Present in Anaheim California

Hartwick Biochemistry seniors, Kyle Armstrong, Dwayvania Miller and Karah Lajeunesse traveled to Anaheim California in April to present their research at the 2010 Experimental Biology meeting. The 2010 EB meeting was co-sponsored by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and is the largest biochemistry meeting with more than 12,000 attendees representing all facets of the biochemical sciences.

Kyle Armstrong '10 presented a poster entitled "Metabolic Profiling a Drug Subsisting Gram-Negative Bacterium." Kyle teamed up with Dr. Richard Benner and Dr. Andrew Piefer to use GC-MS to comparatively explore metabolites produced by a bacterium growing on either glucose or ampicillin as sole carbon sources. These bacteria isolated by Dr. Mary Allen are actually capable of growing on antibiotics as their sole food source.

Dwayvania (Dee) Miller '10 worked in conjunction with Dr. Stan Sessions and Dr. Andrew Piefer to present her poster "The Origin and Role of Cardiomyocyte Stem Cells in Regenerating Hearts of Notophthalmus viridescens." Dee examined regenerating heart tissue in newts for mRNA markers of heart stem cells to try to understand the mechanism of organ regeneration.

Karah Lajeunesse '10 worked in conjunction with Dr. Piefer to study a sugar digesting enzyme isolated from the bacterium Epulopiscium, a very large bacterium that grows symbiotically in the gut of a surgeon fish. Her poster "Activity Studies of Epulopiscium type B 1,3-beta-glucanase" described her gene cloning, protein expression, and enzyme activity studies which may lead to a better understanding of the symbiotic role of this bacterium.