3/2 Engineering Program with Columbia University

An option you may wish to consider is the 3-2 Engineering Program that Hartwick maintains with Columbia University.  

During the first part of this program, you spend three years at Hartwick doing your bachelors degree in computer science.  Simply put, you are getting a state-of-the-art education in computer software and a liberal arts education.

The next two years are spent at Columbia University studying computer engineering.  During this period your focus will be on computer hardware, things like CPU design.  At the end of that period you will receive a second bachelors degree in computer engineering.

With the two bachelors degrees, you are qualified for an incredible range of jobs.  Students with a 3.00 average in their major at Hartwick are guaranteed admission.  Our students who have gone to Columbia have done extremely well at Columbia and after they graduated.

It is also possible to do a masters degree at Columbia following graduation from Hartwick.  Two of our recent graduates, Jaime Taboada and Dechhin Lama, are currently pursuing Computer Engineering Degrees at Columbia.