After Graduation

The job market for computer and information science graduates continues to grow and recent graduates can earn salaries in the $60,000 range.  In addition, our students have a tremendous track record of getting into top tier graduate schools and excelling once they are there.

Some of our alumni's accomplishments include:

  • Graduate programs at Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, RPI and MIT

  • Earning a PHD from Notre Dame and now working as a professor in Michigan

  • The CEO of AMD Corporation

  • The Symantec Corporation in Albany hired two recent graduates directly after graduation. They were highly praised for their level of understanding and competence in the computer security field

  • Software Engineers at Black River Software, a computer firm founded by software engineers from GE.  

  • Software developer at Yahoo!

  • Data Analyst at Teach for America

  • Systems Engineer at Cisco

  • Systems Analyst at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

  • Director of Product Development at Axiom Software

  • Lead programmer for the State of New York

  • Software developer with ESPN