Preparation for Graduate School

Our graduates are extremely well prepared for for graduate work and able to get into the best graduate programs.

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences was founded over twenty-five years ago.  Over that period a substantial number of our graduates have done masters degrees in computer science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Admissions to RPI's masters program is very competitive.  However, since the founding of our program they have never turned down one of our graduates.  And, a fair number of our graduates have achieved 4.00 averages while doing their masters degrees.

We may be a small college, but one of our graduates went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to do a technically oriented MBA.

If you believe the US News and World Report Rankings, Carnegie Mellon University has the best graduate program in computer science in the country.  Not too long ago, one of our graduates completed his masters degree in computer science at CMU.  It was extremely gratifying when he returned to Hartwick to tell us how well he felt he had been prepared for graduate work at CMU.

In the fall of 2011, one of our graduates, who was a dual major in physics, will be starting his masters degree in electrical engineering at Columbia University.

Our graduates have gone to many other graduate schools.  But, this list makes it abundantly clear that the Department of Computer and Information Sciences offers superb preparation for graduate study.