Job Market for Computer Graduates

 Top 10 College Degrees by Highest Starting Salary for 2011

 The top 10 highest paying majors numbers are out from the National Association of Colleges and Universities.

  1. Chemical Engineering  $66,886
  2. Computer Science $63,017
  3. Mechanical Engineering $60,739
  4. Electrical/Electronics & Communications Engineering $60,646
  5. Computer Engineering  $60,112
  6. Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering $58,549
  7. Systems Engineering $57,497
  8. Engineering Technology $57,176
  9. Information Sciences & Systems $56,868
  10. Business Systems Networking/Telecommunications $56,808

Your computer science or information science major will lead you to a fascinating career with a great salary.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • As a result of rapid employment growth over the 2008 to 2018 decade, job prospects for computer software engineers should be excellent.
  • Information Science 2008 - 2018: Job prospects should be excellent. Job openings will occur as a result of strong job growth and from the need to replace workers who move into other occupations or who leave the labor force.