• Hartwick Computer & Information Science class
  • Hartwick Computer Information & Science faculty with student in class
  • Hartwick Computer & Information Science faculty with student in class
  • Hartwick Computer Information & Science Class

Computer and Information Sciences Department

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences offers a superb education to its students. There are many features that make our program unique.

  • Small classes and close personal interactions with faculty assure that every student receives the attention he or she needs to attain whatever they want.
  • With two majors -- computer science and information science -- and a 3/2 engineering program with Columbia University, our program is incredibly rich and diversified for a liberal arts college.
  • Hartwick has a fantastic assortment of courses in other departments you can use to enrich your computer major.
  • The CISC Clubhouse has a tremendous assortment of high end computers, all designed and built by students.
  • Internships, and one-on-one independent and directed studies are strongly encouraged. We strongly believe in practical experience in our courses and letting our students learn thing they want to learn.
  • Many courses feature group projects. You will learn essential skill of working in teams, while making life-long friends.
  • Every student does a capstone senior project. Some of these are absolutely incredible. Mobile App Development using the department's Android devices have been very popular lately.
  • Our graduates go on to do incredible things. RPI, MIT, and Columbia are some of the graduate schools are alumni have attended. Other alumni have gone on to found their own companies and make far more than all the Computer and Information Science faculty combined or have gone to work for companies like Oracle, Apple, Cisco, IBM, and Symantec.
  • There are too many other things that make our program special to list here. There is lots to explore in our website. And, please come for a visit! Our students and faculty would love to meet with you.

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Prof. Howard Lichtman
Associate Professor & Chair