Information Science Minor

Computer systems are ubiquitous in today's business world.  A minor in information science will give a student who has majored in Business Administration, Accounting, or Economics a leg up on their peers.  Plus it is a lot of fun to learn to use the latest technology.

The requirements for the Information Science minor are as follows:

Four core courses

  • Cracking the Code (CISC 120) or Computer Game Programming (CISC 118)
  • Visual Programming (CISC 135)
  • Systems Analysis and Design (CISC 310)
  • Database Management (CISC 315)

One of the following courses

  • Computer Networks (CISC 330)
  • Web Development (CISC 380)
  • Systems Design and Implementation (CISC 380)

One additional 3 or 4 credit CISC course at or above the 200 level