Computer Science Major

The computer science major provides superb preparation for those who want to work in a wide range of fields in the computer industry or for graduate school. Graduates have gone to work for a large range of companies including large ones like Apple, Yahoo, Oracle, and IBM. Other graduates have gone on to small companies or even to found their own very successful companies.

Graduates have been very successful in graduate school, having attended such schools as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Columbia University, Notre Dame University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Cargenie Mellon University.

Core Courses

In your first two years, you take a minimum of four core courses.  Be sure to check these out.  You can even start your computerr science major by learning game programming.

CISC 120 Cracking the Code or CISC 118 Game Programming
CISC 135 Visual Programming
CISC 225 Advanced Programming Techniques
CISC 315 Database Management

Advanced Courses

In your junior and senior years you take four advanced courses.  They give you the state-of-the-art training you will need to be a true computer professional.

CISC 240 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CISC 320 Programming Languages
CISC 325 Data Structures
CISC 430 Operating Systems

Computer Science Electives

You will have an incredibly rich array of computer electives from which to choose to complement your computer science major.

CISC 215 PC Systems  where students build new computers for the CISC Clubhouse
CISC 330 Computer Networks
CISC 345 Computer ssecurity
CISC 305 Artificial Intelligence
plus courses in Computational Theory, Encryption, programming in various computer languages, etc.

In the fall of 2012 we will be offering a course in Mobile Application Development

Senior Thesis

Every computer science student does a senior project during his or her senior year.  Our students do remarkable things.  Check out some examples from last year.

Enrichment Courses

Hartwick has an incredibly rich program.  There are many, many courses in other departments which can be used to greatly enrich your computer science major.  Don't miss looking over the diverse array of enrichment courses.