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Art Enrichment Courses

These art courses make a fantastic addition to a computer major

ART 116 - Digital is Fundamental

This art fundamental covers issues such as image manipulation, time, virtual space and presentation of one's art work in the virtual sphere. The course explores the creative possibilities of online Web 2.0 sites such as blogs, Cafepress, Youtube, and free software like Frammed for stop-motion animation and Audacity for sound anipulation. Image creation and manipulation will be explored through the use of online Web applications. More information at http://www.hartwickdigital.co.

ART 213 - Digital Art and Design I: Introduction to Digital Media

This is an introductory course to digital media with an emphasis on the medium as a vehicle for creative expression. The course introduces the three main aspects found within digital media; Print media, Time based media and Interactive media. During the term we will investigate image, video and web applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Express, Adobe Flash, and Macromedia Dreamweaver. The class will consider digital media's effect
on society through appropriation, the loop, remixing, the mashup, truth vs. perception and virtual memory, as well as other contemporary and traditional ideas that apply to the sphere of digital media. Central to these issues, and the focal point of this course, is the impact of digital media on American culture. Digital images, video and the web are important devices for communication across all disciplines. The information obtained in this course will be invaluable for anyone who wishes to present information through the digital medium. More information at http://www.hartwickdigital.com.

ART 216 - Digital Art & Design II: Digital Print Media

An intermediate course in digital media with an emphasis on the printed image as a vehicle for creative expression. Visual issues covered in assignments will include composition, subject matter, design and context. Theoretical discussion will consider truth vs. perception, individual vs. corporate view, politics and media ethics, image history and the creation of reality, along with copyright issues. This course will investigate the mass proliferation of images in western, consumer culture and reprocess that information into art. Students will explore how these images are created, reasons for their creation, and the functions they serve. Students will appropriate, capture and create images through digital processes involving the use of scanners, digital cameras, and industry standard image manipulation software including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe 16 Flash. This course will encourage hands-on investigation into the techniques used for the manipulation of images and how these manipulated images affect and construct our every day realities. Projects include poster design, package design, stencil tagging, and image manipulation. More information at http://www.hartwickdigital.com.

ART 250 - Digital Art & Design Special Topics: Interactive Spaces

This special topics course explores the history of videogames and their place within American Society. The class will review the birth of videogames and catalogue aspects found with videogames, consider changes in videogame technology over time, and research where videogames' aesthetic and story-lines appear outside of the screen. This class requires a lot of video game playing and writing. All information will be submitted into a database to be analyzed and research information will be presented online.

ART 316 - Digital Art & Design III: Interactive Media Web

This course emphasizes interface design and artistic approaches to the Internet. Students will consider the Internet as a medium for expression, communication and as a space for conceptual works and creative inquiry. Works that use the Internet as a medium for artistic production will be encouraged through projects that stimulate students' individual interests. Students will investigate the potential for artistic experimentation through the consideration, use and design of Blogs, Web pages, RSS feeds, Web Apps, and commercially oriented sites. Software covered includes Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. This class culminates with a portfolio-worthy showcase of students' work through an allocated online exhibition space at www.hartwickdigital.com. More information at http://www.hartwickdigital.com.

ART 317 - Digital Art & Design IV: Time Based Media

This digital course addresses linear time through audio and video. The class will explore visual time through the study of linear imaging conventions including natural life cycles, historical progressions, storyboard mapping of space and time, stop motion, animation, projection, film, and video. Audio will be considered through the creation of loops, mashups, remixes and as a spatial experience. Software includes Final Cut Express, Adobe Flash, Audacity, and Quick Time. All the work from this class is broadcast on the hartwickdigital.com Web site. This course is extremely useful and strongly recommended for students interested in filmmaking, video art, TV production, web casting and installation art. More information at http://www.hartwickdigital.com.