Susan Carbone

Susan Carbone, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences

  • BS Sociology, Queens College CUNY
  • MMIS, Nova Southeastern University
Prof. Carbone teaches introductory programming and upper level information science courses. Her specialties are .NET programming, database management, web development and systems analysis and design. She worked in the corporate world as a programmer, systems analyst and project manager and enjoys sharing her corporate experience with her students.

She is always looking for fun and exciting ways to introduce programming to new students. This currently includes teaching classes in robotics using Lego NXT-G programmable robot kits and programming in a 3 dimensional world using Alice (see our Alice programming page).

Prof. Carbone's door is always open so stop by to visit anytime. You will find all sorts of interesting discussions going on.

When asked why she became a teacher, Prof. Carbone responded, “I like to share the challenge and excitement of creating something out of nothing that comes with programming and other aspects of information science. We start with a problem and use our minds and skills to solve that problem. I love to see the joy and satisfaction in students’ eyes when they find the perfect and most elegant way to create a solution.”

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